Registration Guidelines

  • Please ensure you write down your user name and password somewhere for later use because you have to use the same username and password each time you access the page.
  • Please make the on-line payment first, then save the image somewhere in jpg or pdf format.
  • Only after you have completed these two tasks, you should begin to fill in the form.
  • If for whatever reason you cannot, could not or become unable to complete the form filling and uploading, please come back, log in again using your saved user name and pass word that you saved elsewhere and log in again and then carry on. You need to click the "login" button on the top right section of the page OR click "Sign in" when on the registration page to get back in.
  • Having completed the form , you can then download the invoice for your records, then upload the payment and once complete, you can then download the receipt as well and save that.